Choosing a firm for your land planning, surveying and site design needs is very important. Depending on the services that you require, the total project process could take months. You want to work with an effective, helpful and knowledgeable team. Especially with engineering, it is essential to select a firm that is familiar with the County’s rules and regulations. Choosing to work with a firm that is not aware of the County submittal process will cost you precious time and money.

Submitting plans for engineering and site design projects is a complex process. Of course, there are many land regulations that must be followed when the plan is being created. However, on top of those there is also the procedure for the physical submittal of the plans. There are guidelines set in place that require a certain number of plan copies to be submitted as well as supporting documents. Due to the intricate procedure, it is common to have to submit a plan up to four times. This issue is that in between submissions, you must address any comments that the County may have had, which takes time. As stated above, this process may repeat itself up to and beyond four times. Each submission and re-submission simply takes up more time and more money.

Many clients face the issue of working with a firm that has to re-submit their plan sets multiple times. The clients will choose a firm based on price or time constraints and end up pouring more time and money into the project than they ever imagined. Typically, the firms with greater experience and knowledge, like us, charge a higher up-front price. However, clients end up saving time and money by working with a firm that is familiar with all of the County processes.

When you work with Carson Land Consultants you will save money and more importantly, time. Our engineers take special care when developing our plans so that the submission process will go as smoothly as possible. When compiling the physical submission, our staff is thorough meticulous so that they do not have to waste time searching for supporting documents. If you’re still unconvinced, our submittal/approval rate is 1.4. We get approval for 67.2% of our plans on the first try and receive approval for 92.2% of our plans in two submissions or less. It is unheard of for our firm to take four submissions to get an approval and rare for us to even submit three times.


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