Land Surveying

At Carson Land Consultants our surveying department is comprised of experienced, highly capable; and most importantly, reliable professionals. We do what we say, deliver what we promise, and for the price we say it will be. You should expect only the highest level of customer service from our survey team.

Selecting a company to assist you with your land projects can be a very involved process. Taking into account experience, price, reliability and services offered, there is a lot to think about. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that larger firms have more technology at their disposal, so they probably offer more services. Our firm, although on the smaller side, offers just as many services as any of the larger companies.

Carson Land Consultants offers an impressive amount of surveying services. From Wetland Location Surveys to Construction Stake Out Services. Each of our Professional Surveyors have been with the company for over twenty-five years.

In 2016 our Surveying Department completed;

  • 33 Property Line and Corner Stakeouts
  • 40 Topo and As-built Surveys
  • 23 Drain field Location Surveys
  • 5 Location Surveys
  • 16 Boundary & Boundary Line Adjustment Surveys
  • 26 miscellaneous surveys
  • 9 Construction Stake Outs. Construction Stakeouts typically include Curb and Gutter, Rough Grade, Waterline, Wall-check, Building Footing, Brick Point and Sidewalk stakeouts.


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